Year 1

 Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)


In English, students learn about reading, writing and talking and listening.  They learn about the strategies used to read and an emphasis is placed on making meaning from the text. Students will learn about writing and the structure of writing through the various text types. They will be given opportunity to develop their talking and listening skills.



Mathematics is taught through the strands: number, patterns and algebra, data, measurement, space and geometry.  Learning is engaged and hands on to allow students to grasp concepts and consolidate their learning.  An emphasis is placed on working mathematically and thinking about ways to solve mathematical problems.



Each term in HSIE students will learn about a topic.  The topics this year are: Identifying Us, Wet and Dry Environments, Transport and Celebrations.  They will look at how people interact with each other and in the environment and impacts people have within these topics.


Creative and Practical Arts (CAPA) involves students learning about Drama, Dance, Visual Arts and Music.  Stage 1 explore these elements through CAPA groups where they are placed in mixed ability groups and explore each of the elements for a few weeks before moving on to the next.



PDHPE involves Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.  Personal development and health is taught through programs such as anti-bullying, peer support, road safety, swim school, child protection and crunch and sip. Physical education develops the fundamental movement skills through activities such as fitness and sport.

Your child begins Year 1 with familiar faces and school routines.

Year 1 is the start of Learning Stage 1 and will continue until the end of Year 2. This year students become more involved in school routines and continue to develop their social skills as they interact with other children in the classroom and playground.