Parents and Citizens

Parents' and Citizens' Association



  • Held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in the staffroom
  • Include Principal's report, Treasurer's report, sub-committee reports, correspondence and general business
  • Friendly, relaxed atmosphere
  • Everyone welcome, especially new parents
  • Membership – 50c annually



  • Canteen
  • Uniform Shop
  • OOSH
  • Fundraising (including fete)
  • Music


Social and Fundraising Events

  • Fete
  • Trivia/Bingo Night
  • Movie Night
  • Children's Disco
  • Car Boot Sale
  • Chocolate Drive
  • Calendars
  • Family Portraits
  • And many other school community based fundraising events



  • Strong correlation between parental involvement at school and improved student attitudes, achievement and attendance.
  • Successful parental involvement leads to better school reputation in the school community, improved teacher morale and higher ratings of teacher performance.
  • Six types of parental involvement
    1. Parenting
    2. Communicating
    3. Volunteering
    4. Learning at home
    5. Decision making
    6. Collaborating with the community

The most positive effect is achieved when parents are involved in all six ways.

  • Sense of community – P&C is a great way to be proactively involved in school decision making and events and to be kept informed.
  • Friends – through P&C you will develop a strong support network with other parents and lasting friendships.
  • Rewarding and fun – meetings are social and informative and a lot of fun.


Executive committee

  1. President:                           Jason Wraxall                    Email:
  2. Secretary:                           Devashi Wesumperuma    Email:
  3. Treasurer:                           Belinda Gethin                   Email:
  4. Vice President:                   Christine Mueller                Email:
  5. Vice President:                   Paul Grundy                       Email: