Our school

Ermington Public School is a vibrant community where education is highly valued by the students, teachers and parents. The school has been established since 1888 and has developed a proud tradition that caters for each and every student. The school aims to provide an environment which encourages each student to achieve their full potential in all aspects of their learning (academically, socially, emotionally and physically). There are 465 students ranging from Kindergarten to Year 6 (including two Opportunity Classes for students in Stage 3).


The school is staffed by newly graduated and experienced teachers who pride themselves on the ability to utilise current trends and research to form the basis of their teaching programs. Whilst the main focus is on literacy and numeracy, the teachers deliver balanced programs to ensure that each student is able to develop the skills and attitudes to become effective global citizens.


Ermington Public School is committed to encouraging parents to become involved in their child's education. Parents support the wide range of teaching and extra-curricular programs by volunteering their time during school hours and supporting after school activities. Parents are encouraged to regularly meet with their child's class teacher to discuss their child's on-going progress – these opportunities can be held either informally (a chat after school) or formally (such as the half-yearly parent/teacher interview).


The school has a reputation for its strong involvement in sporting events, gifted and talented enrichment and variety of performing arts opportunities (such as our choral and instrumental programs).



Mark Hoppitt




The school's Mission Statement is: Ermington Public School provides a secure and stimulating environment within which the student is able to develop in order to face the challenges of society. Ermington Public School caters for the development of the "whole" child. Literacy and Numeracy skills are integrated across all curriculum areas; physical development is fostered by a highly successful and well-planned physical education program; music is respected as a core activity from Kindergarten to Year 6; and the practical arts focus is evident in outstanding displays and performances. The community is very involved and supportive of students, staff and programs. Many initiatives have their origins in meetings with parents.