Premier's Spelling Bee

The Premier's Spelling Bee (PSB) is an annual competition that aims to improve spelling across the school. The PSB is managed by the Arts Unit. In 2015 Ermington achieved great results in the Bee, reaching the State Final and obtaining fourth place. 

This year's lists are available from the Arts Unit PSB website. Note that lists are password protected. We are unable to supply the password on this public page but students will be notified via school assembly.

The school will participate in the 2016 PSB as follows:

Early Term 2:  School registers for the PSB and provides links to the word lists. Students begin pracitising.

Early Term 3:  Classes hold their own spelling test, games, competitions or otherwise select competitors for a school PSB final. Separate finals are held for Stages 2 and 3.

Mid Term 3:  The school finals are held and two representatives from each stage chosen to attend a regional final.

Late Term 3:  A regional final, held at a nearby school, selects one student from each stage to attend the state final.

Mid Term 4:  A state final, usually broadcast on ABC radio, is held at ABC studios in Ultimo.